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April 3, 2013 @ 7:15 pm

Design 101-Do you have what it takes?

Ever wonder what it takes to be a designer? Or what being an interior designer entails? Many people are clueless as to how difficult this industry is. If I had a dollar every time someone from an outside industry came into our world thinking it was so easy, only to learn the complete opposite, I'd be rich. Truly rich! Design is not just picking fabric and paint colors. In fact, it's 20% creative and 80% business and project management. Take for example ordering a sofa. We may order a sofa from company A, (this includes filling out a Purchase Order for company A including the frame number, stuffing, finish, nail heads, and filling out a custom order form giving Company A specifics on how to upholster the sofa and where the fabric is coming from; which is company/Purchase order B). The pillows (like the sofa) are also custom, so we order that fabric from company C, and the pillow fills from company D. At this point we then have all the items shipped to the manufacturer and it is our job that at every stop of the way all the trades are on the same page and doing the work according to plan. SO we and the trades rely on very specific correspondence and spreadsheets. Once the sofa is complete we have to find another vendor called a freight motor company who will then get your sofa on the highway and bring it to a shipping and receiving company. Once it lands there I can then set up another company to set up your home delivery. From start to finish over seven to ten trades touch your custom piece and it's my job to make sure it all goes as planned. And this is just one piece of furniture. Now imagine what it is like for us to do an entire house! SO many logistics to handle to ensure that your project and experience are amazing. Think you have what it takes? How about the patience? Stay tuned I have Interior Designer and Author Carolyn Moor from Moor Interiors coming up on the show to get your questions answered!






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