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January 9, 2014 @ 11:19 am

New Mexico Astrologer, Tom Brady





Astrology is not fortune telling or a free tarot reading from the state fair. Although many psychics use astrology in their readings, astrology is more like a heavenly weather report that helps us understand and see trends. It also lets us know when it is summer or when it is winter. Now this is not a glorified Star Wars episode full of imaginary laser beams, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader battles, with a backdrop of sparkly stars. No, this is learning about astronomy and having an understanding of what to anticipate through the stars and planets through patterns that have been documented for millennia.

Our ancestors used astrology for worship, ceremony, and as a way to honor their heritage. Cultures that were close to nature understood the natural rythms of nature, and used it to better serve their lives and circumstances, unlike todays city dwellers whose main connection is sealed up in office buildings and concrete floors.

Tom Brady has been doing astrology in New Mexico for forty seven years. A transplant to New Mexico form Baltimore, he found himself in a state of chaos in the early seventies and searching for answers. Whether it was kismet or divine intervention, Carl Jungs book jumped out at him and forever changed the course of his his life. He engulfed himself in the study of the stars, learning about astronomy, and by the late eighties it became his full time profession as he shared his knowledge with others, one natal chart at a time.

Find out what 2014 holds for us in astrological patterns. See how the collapse in 2008 is still effecting us today, and learn about the importance of sustainability that must occur before 2017 if lasting change is going to happen for our future.





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