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December 14, 2014 @ 3:12 pm

Lori Jacobs Naturepath and Herbalist

We all love a New Year. It allows us to swipe the slate clean and start over. A fresh start, with no regrest and a whole new perspective. I love the New Year. It’s when I feel the most organized, and focused. I take the month of December to reflect on my year, reviewing accomplishments, goals and the sheer misses that ultimately taught me so much.




According to statistic brain, 45% of American's make resolutions. Unfortunately, only 8% of us follow through and achieve success. Not so surprisingly, the number one and number five resolutions made every year are related to health. Lose weight, get fit. But I have found that simply trying to lose weight or even getting fit is putting a bandaid on the overall issue. It’s like treating the symptom without looking at the heart of the problem, or true cause.



While I don’t believe that western medicine is a curse, I also don’t believe it has all the answers. Our bodies are like well oiled machines – if they are properly taken care of they just simply work. Just like a tune up is recommended for your car every three thousand miles, it is recommended that we honor our systems and give it the necessary nutrients it needs to thrive. 




Synthetics to me are like taking poison and expecting your enemy to get sick. While your illness may seem like the enemy, more often than not, your just hurting yourself. There are huge benefits to going all natural, and if it seems too overwhelming, and you are not sure where to start,  take it all in stride. As we approach the new year, a time of resolutions,  it's all about setting goals that will make a lasting impact in your life, so set goals that will make you feel good, feel empowered, and feel accomplishment. Trust me, your body will thank you!  

Join me as I sit down with Lori Jacobs, an herbalist and naturopath to discuss:

 7 Super Easy, All natural Tricks Your Body Needs You To Do Now!


  • Herbs, tinctures and healing in an all natural way.
  • Benefits of going all Natural
  • How herbs normalize and work with the body rather than against it.
  • Why synthetics don't work
  • How to cure many everyday ailments like arthritis, migraines, cholesterol, depression, asthma and more, with herbs!


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December 1, 2014 @ 5:23 pm

Chris Saaco - Groundswell International

Groundswell International is a partnership of local civil society organizations, NGOs and people grounded in diverse contexts and experiences, to share a common approach to supporting social change. 



Groundswell’s founders and partners have worked for decades to enable thousands of rural communities and organizations in many countries to sustainably improve their lives through better farming practices. Our global agricultural and food system is broken and needs to transition to one that is more sustainable and beneficial to the world’s population. This must happen in the face of the linked challenges of climate change, natural resource depletion, and worldwide economic and social upheaval. Join me and Chris Saaco, one of Groundswell's founders, as we discuss: 


  • social change, and how groundswell plays a part in creating it's structure
  • improving third world villages
  • Seed saving
  • GMO's and the threat they harbor worldwide
  • New U.S. program launching in 2015
  • Reconnecting with our food system
  • Top three tips on how you can create change too.



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