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May 24, 2015 @ 10:42 am

Barbara Viteri CEO and owner of Viteri Style Management

Today’s guest is Barabara Viteri, CEO and owner of Viteri Style Management. She is one of THE leading advisers in the interior design industry for productivity and business management. Barabara will put it to you straight with unfiltered opinions, and no bull shit. Her specialty is helping boutique business’, mainly design firms, get their companies profitable and organized. Hobby makers need not apply.

Barbara and I first spoke two years ago about the mistakes every designer makes in their business. I think it’s safe to say that whether you’re an interior designer or not, being an entrprenuer presents many challenges. Having the right tools, skills and people in place are the difference between making it or breaking it. For over 20 years this girl from the hood is proof positive that the cream always rises to the top. She has helped hundreds of everyday interior desginers propel their business’ into million dollar boutiques, from the comfort of their homes. She offers up time saving tools, management tips and secrets, to everyday business skills to help streamline your business and boost profitability. Click here to keep reading...

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May 9, 2015 @ 3:44 pm

Anjie Cho - Architect, Author and Master Feng Shui Practitioner

Interior design and feng shui are intrinsic tools to create balance and harmony in your home. When your space feels as good as it looks, your mood is lifted, you feel lighter and grace is easier to achieve. Everything just seems to work, and a slower pace sets in - like taking in a long, deep breath.

I recently spoke with a marketing firm that told me feng shui and interior design were different. That essentially I needed to separate the two and be one or the other. My favorite remark, "start a hobby blog about feng shui. It will attract those who like it." It got me to thinking, are we really that far off? That acquiring sustainable harmony in our lives is only for "those" people? Carol Olmsted recently wrote that one of her feng shui colleagues was featured on their local news station for "odd jobs". As Carol so eloquently stated, "I'm entering my 18th year of Feng Shui and working with a Fortune 100 company on the interior design of 23 floors in their new headquarters, and the media is still calling Feng Shui an odd job?"

I myself have been at this for fifteen years, and today's guest, Angie Cho, has been at this almost twenty years. Feng shui is so much more than weird thinking. However, many people still feel it's metaphysical or transcendental. I recently met with a design colleague, Mallory Shaw, who thought feng shui was asian aesthetic - where people have bamboo flutes, buddha fountains, and Zen decor. I think it's time that we start saying that those who refuse to fully understand it, are the weird ones! After one hour with me, Mallory was not only excited to clean out her junk drawer, she was convinced that this was a way of life - and she's right!

How to improve your feng shui

Today Angie and I discuss:

  • Mindset and how to overcome it
  • Reframing and learning to say yes
  • How to work with your environment rather than against it
  • How to make life richer
  • How to create big shifts in your life
  • How to inform your decisions through feng shui principles
  • How to avoid a lack mentaltiy
  • And 12 tips from the experts on how to feng shui your wallet

For more info on Anjie visit her website, www.anjiecho.com, and be sure to check out her kick-ass new book, 108 Ways To Create Holistic Spaces.

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