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December 28, 2018 @ 1:26 am

61: Fridge Detox using Feng Shui

So here’s the thing to remember, in Feng Shui food is associated with health and well being. It's literally "Healthy Chi." But if the Chi you consume isn’t healthy and vital, neither are you. Unfortunately, Cheetos don’t have vital Chi, and neither does that toxic laden cheeseburger you just ate. Many people eat most of their foods from the pantry as opposed to their fridge. That means you are consuming more additives, preservatives, chemicals and toxins, which lowers your vibe. In today's episode I'm going to teach you the importance of your fridge, how to keep it clean, set it up and why the hell it all matters!!

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December 14, 2018 @ 12:00 am

60: Landing Softly, the Benefits of Meditation with Amanda Gates

Meditation has become a huge trend in the last fifteen years and many of our clients want to get on this train, but what if you don't have the space at home? Many of my clients think they need to have an entire space devoted to meditation and peace, but what if I told you it's not necessary to get your zen on?

Today I'll share with you many of the tools that I've learned over the years from Feng Shui masters, Buddhists and teachers about what meditation is and is not.



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December 7, 2018 @ 12:00 am

59: Denise Tells Her Story of Feng Shui, Peace and Harmony

Our client Denise tells us about how her ideas of Feng Shui have changed as a

result of working with us. She also delves into how it can integrate nicely

with a variety of faiths and belief systems

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