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May 29, 2020 @ 1:42 am

132: Making the best of the present moment with Brittney Carmichael

Today I have back on the show, Shine School® creator, Brittney Carmichael. Y’all, if you get a chance you need to look her up on Facebook and Instagram. I tell her all the time that she has the most amazing Chi! It's animated and strong. If you want to see healthy flowing chi, she’s the poster child!


As usual I did not have a guiding plan for the show. I wanted it to unfold and flow as the universe saw fit and what came out was nothing short of amazing. We discussed overcoming fears, things that trigger us, how to be compassionately indifferent as we elevate to 5D and why this time in history is some of the worst times and some of the best times, and that's why making the best of the present moment is key.

We talk about empowerment, triggers, how to choose joy and how we all deserve to elevate in a non judgmental way.

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May 22, 2020 @ 1:48 am

131: Elevating to 5D with Rhianna Mays

Today I have on Master reiki healer, Rhianna Mays. I call her a dragon flame thrower but she’s a very powerful, intuitive healer that can shift and manipulate energy like a ninja. As you know I'm very intentional about how I place guests and when I put them on the show and Rhianna is no different. I wanted Rhianna on in the month of May to help us heal our Chi. We’ve been through a lot not only because of the pandemic but also the energy of this year is intense to say the least. Rhianna experienced severe trauma and abuse as a child and through that experience she was guided to healing tools as an adult.

Like so many of us, the pandemic is triggering past hurts. Abandonment issues, sadness, worthiness, not deserving things, and the list goes on. Careers are going to go away, relationships will be severed, money may be gained or lost, homes may be lost and lots of new changes are upon on all. Such instability can trigger fear, grief, sadness, anger and many others 'Below the Cross' emotions.

So, today we will talk about ascension, moving timelines, reiki, the cabal and so much more. Are you ready? 

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May 15, 2020 @ 1:29 am

130: The Venus Star Point® with Astrologer Arielle Guttman

Today I have on astrologer Arielle Guttman. I wanted to have her on the show this month because I consider her a Venus expert. And since Venus just went retrograde it seems timely to have the expert on the show to give us a little more information about what all that means.

In the early 2000's she received a download from spirit about this incredible planet and developed a system called the Venus Star Point® - it's extremely fascinating and further explains who we are and how we operate. What I find so fascinating about every healer that I have on this show is that the universe has literally provided us all the tools and clues we need to better understand things - we just need to choose to see it!  Her website, which I highly recommend you visit is chocked full of incredible articles and information, and is called SophiaVenus.com - which literally translates to the wisdom of Venus!

Today you will learn more about Arielle, what the Venus Star Point® is and why this unique information helps us better translate who we are and why it sets us apart.  

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May 11, 2020 @ 3:07 pm

129: 6 things everyone needs to do to avoid dirty Chi

Today's show is going to teach you 6 things you need to implement in your home, to avoid dirty energy. So many people fail to pay attention to the details in their home, but energy doesn't lie. Get these 6 things wrong and it will deflect the opportunities you attract, trigger your nervous system and it could cause you an inability to speak up. It's one of the reason I end every show with "trust the vibe." Everything is energy and energy is everything and given the astrology that we are about to embark on, now more than ever we need to boost our homes with powerful Feng Shui techniques to help us manage this retrograde season like a boss!

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May 8, 2020 @ 1:25 am

128: Keto Green 16 with Dr Anna Cabeca

Today I have back on the show Dr. Anna Cabeca sharing her latest book, Keto Green 16. If you're struggling to lose weight, experiencing brain fog, low energy or not feeling right, going Keto green may just be the answer! What I love about her approach is that it's well research and proven to work, and it's also a powerful way to take your health back so you feel great.

Today we will talk about what she has been up to, what inspired her to write the book and what you can expect to learn and gain from going keto green.

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May 1, 2020 @ 1:30 am

127: Expanding Your Human Potential with Dr Susan Shumsky

In my opinion, Dr Shumsky is a trailblazer in healing the human condition for the western world. She has written 17 books and I've secretly been stalking her for years. Now the original plan was to focus on her book, Chakras and Chakra healing. I thought it would be the perfect tool to help everyone transcend this great awakening with grace. However, being that she is an expert in prayer, meditation, affirmation, intuition and expanding the human potential to the nth degree, I allowed this conversation to flow exactly where it needed to, to give y’all the exact information that you need to hear right now. And just a little hint, it's about going within.

I also share a fantastic story I recently experienced with some nature spirits, that solidifies the importance of doing the work - which Dr. Susan and I speak about today. We'll talk about her incredible background with Mahrishi Mahesh, her 17 books and why doing the inner work like meditation is so important; especially in unprecedented times.

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