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June 19, 2020 @ 1:17 am

135: New Earth Predictions - What can we expect?

I recently received an email from a previous student asking if the new paradigm would be positive or negative. Do we even know? Well as you'll learn in the show today, there is no such thing as positive or negative. As we move through the next three to five years our world will look very different than it has. Many big shifts are occurring and in the end it is so a new world can emerge that is softer and kinder. 

In today's show I share my predictions, what all of this means and why going through the chaos is an important state for humanity to rise to it's highest potential since Atlantan times. Connection, community, doing more with less and helping one another out will all be big themes moving forward. Are you ready? If you're filled with anxiety and angst by the state of our world this show will help you understand the bigger picture and how to manage your Chi with grace.

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June 12, 2020 @ 2:21 am

134: Sustainable living in the new paradigm with SG Blocks

As we embrace our new elevated lives, I think now is a perfect time to talk about a new and sustainable way of living through repurposing containers. About 15 years ago I used to subscribe to a rad magazine called Dwell. It was all about forward thinking builders, architects and engineers utilizing ingenuity to see housing and retail in a new way. At the time I was married and my then husband and I had a lake front piece of property in Kentucky. I wanted to build a container home on the property; unfortunately that never happened but I never lost site of the idea of living in more sustainable way! As we move forward, we are going to see a lot of shifts occur. Our financial system, education, government and even healthcare structures are all about to get a massive reboot. So what does this mean? What does this really look like?

I believe this means we are going to start going back to basics. I think we are going to see a rise in people leaving metropolitan cities and heading for the country - whether that be in the desert, the plains or in the woods, people are going to realize they need land and the ability to create sustainable ways to survive. They will also realize the importance of close communities that can help one another out. SG blocks is a way to build affordable housing from repurposed containers, and is now more relevant than ever as our world changes.

Today you're going to learn what container living is all about, where they come from, why living this way has many benefits and the best part, how extremely affordable it is to do!


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June 5, 2020 @ 1:45 am

133: Changing your Perception with James Purpura

Today I have on James Purpura, creator of Powerful U and author of Perception: Seeing is not believing. I wanted to have James on the show today for a very specific reason. I wanted James on today because we are officially in the month of June. This is the month and day where things dramatically start to shift. Today marks the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius - a sign that represents politics, economics, education, communications and media. The moon affects our mood, home and domestic qualities - it's how we nurture ourself. So today starts the great awakening. Where the veil is being lifted and we start to really recognize the things in our life that aren’t serving us like politics, economics, education, communications and media. And haven’t we already seen this? But we’ve now hit the 2020 point of no return. In two weeks on the soltcie we have the solar eclipse in Cancer - once again shining a light on home and family - which was highlighted at the beginning of the year as well.

Many of you have fallen out of relationships, lost your job, been forced to move and you feel like the cards are stacked against you, but if you simply turn around on top of the mountain - an analogy I've used before on the show - you’ll see there is an entirely different view - a new perception. 

Today you're going to learn about James and his story, how he turned things around and how perception is the key to having a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset to achieveing your wildest dreams.

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