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September 25, 2020 @ 2:00 am

143: Becoming Unbounded with Aaron McCormick

Today you’re going to learn about author, Aaron McCormick and his incredible story of growing up poor to becoming one of the top salesman and elite coach. This journey will show you how to unlock your inner power and identify unconscious bullshit that is holding you back, learn how to decode your truest most authentic self and maximize your potential by becoming unbounded. Today's show really showcases strength of will. Not letting external influences disrupt your outcomes. You too have the power to do this and today's show will show you how! Links for today's show; 1) How to remove negative energy: https://bit.ly/3ck8TiF and 2) The moving heart method: https://bit.ly/3mK39DU


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September 18, 2020 @ 3:59 pm

142: Building Stronger Community With Feng Shui

Everyone I am talking to it feeling “it.” Some of you are using the word frustrated, some are saying angry but I'd say the most frequent word is INTENSE. And that is ok. Don’t deny yourself the emotions you are feeling. They are a direct line of communication. But what can you do to fix it? How can you start to feel better? There is only one answer, community.

Moving forward we are being asked to get back to basics and answer the call of our ancestors. In today's show I talk about what a gift you are to the world and how you've been sold a bill of goods that makes you feel otherwise. Instead, let's take you out of the old paradigm and put you in a place that encourages you, supports you, helps you and loves you - it's called community! 

As mentioned in the show today, here is the link to the course, How to Remove Negative Energy - it's 50% off! http://courses.gatesinteriordesign.com/course/17d7b6b6-c5c5-4be2-a721-2ba777cb7d51

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September 11, 2020 @ 6:26 pm

141: How thoughts become things with Doug Vermeeren

Today's show is right on point with our current paradigm. What you may have wanted and desired even two months ago may look entirely different today. Not only am I expanding the conversation beyond manifesting the results you want, like I did with my root canal, but giving you the tools to manifest the life you've always dreamed of.

If you watched the secret and felt pumped up but unsure of what to do next, Doug picked up the pieces and explains the exact tools you need to manifest all your desires and explains how his new film is completely different.

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September 4, 2020 @ 2:47 am

140: How to overcome your overwhelm using Feng Shui

We have been conditioned to seek and form a reality outside of ourselves through the consumption of information. Based on what we are told through authorities we have come to believe these truths as fact. Whether that is our education system, government policies, social media or the mainstream news, the narrative is rigid and highly controlled. These narratives are highly skewed and likely not true to YOU. But when you do not take the time to find your inner compass, you grasp to what you are being told. Without realizing it you and everyone else that buys that bill of goods creates a reality. This is essentially mass consciousness. But deep within your soul is screaming NO NO NO. This isn't true. How do you know it's false? Your should speaks to you through your emotions. Anxiety, overwhelm, stress - these are just a few signs that you are off track. In todays show I share 5 Feng Shui tips to get you back on track and back your truth to overcome the overwhelm.

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