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December 7, 2016 @ 6:30 pm

How to become sustainable even if you think you’re too busy

Living a sustainable life can seem complicated, right? The word sustainable in and of itself conjures up thoughts of complexity and only for those tree hugging hippies. But here’s the rub, being sustainable or green isn’t an all or nothing game. You can still have your daily conveniences without feeling like you’re sacrificing quality of life. However in the overall big picture it’s time to start doing something.

When I first started easing into sustainable practices I remember being completely overwhelmed. How the hell do you do it? And if you bring canvas shopping bags to the grocery store, but buy paper towels, are you a hypocrite? I sure thought so! I was overwhelmed and totally confused by what it really meant to be an environmentalist. And I certainly wasn’t hugging enough trees or eating enough granola to play in the big leagues of a so called sustainable life.

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