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September 27, 2019 @ 1:13 am

99: Busting out of corporate to find your happy, with Julius Betila

Today I have on sound healer and kundalini instructor, Julius Betila. I actually recorded with Julius several weeks back, but I knew I wanted Julius on after I spoke with Joey Nittolo! Since Julius is a Kundalini instructor I wanted people who listen to this show to have a resource fro their own spiritual awakening. Even though Joey said on his show the answers are within us, and I do agree with that on many levels, it's hard to feel centered when life is upside down and backwards. So it never hurts to have support and guidance from others who are aware, open and compassionate! Not to mention knowledgable!

In today's episode we will talk about spiritual overwhelm and how to over come it, practical ways to get into coherence, and why heart space is something everyone should be doing, even if you have no idea how!

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September 20, 2019 @ 1:04 am

98: Kundalini Awakening With Joey Nittolo

Today I have on Joey Nittolo, podcast host of, The Space Between. The reason I wanted to have Joey on the show is to share the real truth about a kundalini awakening. Don’t know what that is? Well don’t worry we're going to talk about that in the show today along with the line between spirituality and mental health.

You can hear the hustle in Joey's voice and you’ll quickly learn why his spiritual awakening is going to make major waves in the spiritual world. My hope is that for all of you listening today you’ll learn that we are at a major crossroads when it comes to spiritual health and spirituality and how our current paradigm is quick to medicate and label when we should in fact be quick to understanding and listening.

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September 13, 2019 @ 1:37 am

97: Embracing Your Winter Garden with Ben Hale

Today I have back on the show, Ben Hale, from Easy Living Yards. Every year when fall quickly approaches, Deborah, who is my project manager, and I mourn garden season. We talk about how sad our gardens have become and how we do everything we can to fluff and love on them to make them appear fresh and vibrant like they did back in spring. But the reality is, we need to honor natures natural rhythms and learn to bring everything to a close, and see the beauty in all of it!

Our show today is all about the love and adoration we give to our outdoor spaces, all year round. If you’ve listened to the show you’ve heard me go on and on about cultivating Chi. I always want you to start with your own chi but our outdoor spaces are key in fluffing our chi in a positive way. 

Ben and I discuss what your winter garden means in the land of energy, why you don’t want to judge your garden and how to overcome the outdoor garden blues in the dead of winter!

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September 6, 2019 @ 1:12 am

96: Light Language With Marlene Cronin

Today my guest is the amazing seer, Marlene Cronin. She is a light language activator, medium and highly attuned seer.

In today's show you're going to learn about light language, what it is, why everyone is being called to rise as ascension is now in full force and how light language activates our DNA to help us remember that! Plus, Marlene shares an incredible light language activation code for all of us to help heal humanity.


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