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September 13, 2019 @ 1:37 am

97: Embracing Your Winter Garden with Ben Hale

Today I have back on the show, Ben Hale, from Easy Living Yards. Every year when fall quickly approaches, Deborah, who is my project manager, and I mourn garden season. We talk about how sad our gardens have become and how we do everything we can to fluff and love on them to make them appear fresh and vibrant like they did back in spring. But the reality is, we need to honor natures natural rhythms and learn to bring everything to a close, and see the beauty in all of it!

Our show today is all about the love and adoration we give to our outdoor spaces, all year round. If you’ve listened to the show you’ve heard me go on and on about cultivating Chi. I always want you to start with your own chi but our outdoor spaces are key in fluffing our chi in a positive way. 

Ben and I discuss what your winter garden means in the land of energy, why you don’t want to judge your garden and how to overcome the outdoor garden blues in the dead of winter!

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