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November 22, 2019 @ 3:05 am

107: The Feng Shui Equation to Living a Purpose Filled Life

Today my guest is me and we are going to talk about the Feng Shui equation. This is something that's been stewing in my brain for awhile and I've been trying to formulate it into an intelligent show and I'm not quite sure it's there, but either way it needs to be heard. Spirit has been pushing me for several weeks to get this info out and I don’t think they care that I don’t think it's perfect.

The contemporary world knows nothing about “success” and it sets you up for failure. For most people, success equates to having it all: notoriety, a loving relationship, perfect kids, a lucrative career, and  instagram fame! We equate our worth through vanity metrics that are nothing short of illusion. What many do not realize is, true Success is determined by soul growth and evolution and is highly individual to YOU and You only. Success may look like learning how to overcome self-worth issues, learning how to receive love, give love, overcome adversity or simply how to give to the world. This is spiritual success, and yet we veer out of our own lane to chase a dream that doesn't belong to us. 

In this episode I gift to you a download that I received over the course of several meditations, an important message for humanity.

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