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March 18, 2020 @ 4:49 am

118: Taking Command in the Bedroom: the do’s, don’ts, and how-to’s

So a couple of weeks ago another realtor in my office came running up to me and said "I need a real Feng Shui expert to help me get something straight," and I thought, uh oh! Hope I'm up for the task! She continued to explain that she was told by someone who "knows" a lot about Feng Shui told her that her bed was in the wrong position and that she needed to move it immediately otherwise she’d experience a fall of misfortune.

Oh good lord I thought.

And what was this really all about? In Feng Shui we call it command. Or better stated, taking command in your bedroom. In today's show you'll learn what that is, how to avoid mistakes and get rid of the pitfalls of fear that Feng Shui should never have!

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