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May 7, 2021 @ 2:16 am

165: How to dramatically change your pets health in 30 days

In today's episode, I bring on the owner and CEO of Identity pets. Jeremy has a background in pet foods, but dramatically disrupted the pet food industry when he launched his company, Identity Pets in 2018. Offering up novel, one-sourced proteins, and human-grade meat, his company now provides one of the highest quality pet foods on the market. Through the help of working with a holistic vet, and using foods like Identity, I have been able to completely reverse my cat's diagnosis of "dead in 45 days." In my own research, I was shocked to learn how many animals are misdiagnosed and lose their lives to poor care. In today's show, I hope to educate you about what good health is and how all of us have the opportunity to extend our pet's quality of life and extend their years with better quality food.

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