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March 18, 2022 @ 1:48 am

184: Turn your fear into fuel with Anna Tsui

Shadow work. Have you heard of it?  I remember years ago hearing this term “shadow work.”  I first learned about it during a book reading in the spring of 2001 at a metaphysic bookshop when I went to meet, and hear Dr. Micheal Newton speak and read from his new book, Destiny of Souls. He was a trained psychologist that discovered many of his patients had fears, anxieties, and idiosyncrasies that were developed often in childhood, but also from past lives. He said the only way to release and let go is to go into the shadows and do the work. Shadow work.
Today I'm chatting with an intuitive coach and author, Anna Tsui, to talk about the inner guidance system, the future of business, women and their roles moving forward and so much more, are you ready? Hell yeah! let's do this
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