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June 10, 2022 @ 1:17 am

187: What you don’t know about Deja Vu, with Walter Zajac

Today's guest is Walter Zajac, author of They Came, Beyond Deja Vu. Have you ever wondered why a place feels familiar? Or why someone you just met seems like an old friend? Growing up, Walter had this sense again and again. As a child, Walter endured abandonment from his mother, being bullied in an orphanage, and then adopted by an American family that mentally, physically, and sexually abused him. As a coping mechanism, he began to astral travel with spiritual friends, not knowing at the time that's what he was doing. Years went by and he met these friends in real life, discovering that many weren't even on the earth plane when he traveled with them.

In this extraordinary story of otherworldly experiences,  we talk about childhood abuse, abandonment, Astral travel, psychic ability and so much more!


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