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April 26, 2019 @ 7:46 am

78: Mama Minimalist - How to be an eco mama like a boss!

Today I have on Stephanie Seferian from Mama Minimalist. According to Stephanie, "When it comes to living an eco-friendly life I think we can quickly get in our own way. I don’t have time, it's not convenient, I don’t know how." But what if doing one thing could change everything? Because it can! 

 In my new book Eco Everyday Habits to be More Eco-friendly, I share over 200 ways for you to get eco in super easy ways - but what if you have kids? How the hell does that work? Bring in Stephanie the mom of all moms that’s made it happen and has a helpful blog and website to show you how you can do it too! Today Stephanie and I will talk about how she eased her way into a more sustainable life even with kids, what sustainability vs eco-friendly even means and what are the worst habits people have that could immediately and easily be changed to start living an eco-friendly lifestyle today!

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