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May 3, 2019 @ 1:41 am

79: Living in a Mindful Universe with Karen Newell

Today I have on author and co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, Karen Newell. She and her business partner Kevin Kossi have been innovators in the field of brainwave entrainment for several years, and what started out as a shared passion for exploring expanded states of consciousness has turned into a proprietary system called NeuralHelix. Neural helix is a blending of harmonic layering technology that delivers modulated brainwave patterns to create a profoundly relaxed state of awareness. What’s so cool is that their system, unlike any other that I've tried over the years provides select frequencies and tones to reduce the brains filtering effect which allows your consciousness to be set free. 

Today we’ll be talking about the birth of Sacred Acoustics, consciousness, supreme illusion and Karen's journey into all things woo -solidifying her as an ultimate spiritual seeker.

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