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May 31, 2019 @ 1:38 am

83: Understanding Your Authentic Blueprint With Astrologer Susie Kerr Wright

Today I am excited to have on a local Nashvillian, Susie Kerr Wright. And Susie is my kind of Woo! She is an astrologer, psychic medium, tarot card expert, Reiki master and teacher and she a certified life coach. This light worker is here to kick ass and take names, am I right?

Susie says that she was always fascinated with the archetypes of human behavior. And guess what? That's Chi, right? Our charisma, expressions, mannerisms - that’s all Chi. And what she can do is look at the stars, see how they line up for you and help you better understand how that information shows up in your life. And understanding your astrology and make up also helps you better understand your reality, and environments. Just like we all have an elemental make up that determines our aesthetics - astrology also has clues to why you may be attracting a certain kind of space.

Today Susie and I will talk about what she does as a psychic astrologer, how to lean into your true purpose and path, the misconceptions about this type of work and what we are all here to do - like stop chasinging a dream that doesn’t belong to you - and start being authentic! Lets do this!

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