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March 8, 2019 @ 1:24 am

71: Declutter Your Life with Julie Coraccio

Today I've got Julie Coraccio a holistic professional life organizer. Julie's approach is actually unique because she looks beyond the physical clutter and helps people work on a mental, emotional and spiritual level to better understand WHY they have the clutter in the first place. What she has found is that if people don’t get to the root of what causes the clutter it's highly unlikely they will be able to clear it and become unstuck - she calls this method Awaken Your Brilliance. And I think this is so true because when you’re bogged down with stuff-stuff you can’t be shiny and brilliant right? 

Today we'll talk about how she got into this, why we have clutter, what shows up as clutter and how you can organize your end of life plan for those you leave behind. 

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