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March 22, 2019 @ 1:14 am

73: Feng Shui for the Mind, Body, and Home, with Tisha Morris

Today I have on Feng Shui expert, Tisha Morris. Tisha was actually one of my first guests on my original podcast, Zen Chakkra. And she’s the only guest that's been on all three platforms: Zen Chakkra, Design 101 and Home | Energy | Design. Isn’t that exciting? Haha! It's crazy to think that when I interviewed her back in 2012 how different my style was and just how different our careers were at the time! But I'm delighted to have her back on the show. She is an author of several books and her book Mind Body Home is by far one of my most favorite Feng Shui books. She really captures the meaning of home and our intrinsic relationship to home in that book. 

One of my favorite things about Tisha is her story. She started out as a practical law attorney, went into interior design and eventually landed on Feng Shui and energy healing. But it's such a testament to our journey and how it's never a straight line! It can be messy, lack clarity but it's all about the journey! Right?

Today Tisha and I will talk about how she got into Feng Shui, the art of being an author, Earth, Home, School and achieving happiness in our lives through an amazing tool called Feng Shui.

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