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April 5, 2019 @ 1:35 am

75: Land healing and house blessings with Dr. Mahdi Mason

Today I have on land healer and environmentalist Dr. Madhi Mason.  The month of April is always a special month to me because it's the month we celebrate earth day (FYI it's April 22) Now, I think every month should prompt you to be green but I get it, we are busy and it can get pushed aside. So the month of April is a great reminder to be green. No surprise, I've been very intentional in who’ve we lined up on the show this month to share my love of being green!

Our planet is in trouble and her Chi is sick. It is our job as faithful stewards to bring her back to optimal health and Dr. Mahdi is one of those incredible stewards who uses mystical medicine to help our mama planet release toxic energies and residual traumas that can lower her vibe.

Today we talk about what a land healer is, how to know if your land needs healing, how consciousness affects her and how to keep your property living a high vibe life.


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