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April 3, 2020 @ 2:07 am

121: Turning uncertainty into all-knowing with Lisa Erickson

This pause is a silent reminder to go inward, and it's perfectly ok if you want to grieve this process. But how do you manage the overwhelming anxiety? Good graces, we are transmuting and processing so much right now, and it can really screw up your Chi. My show today will show you how to utilize this time to get creative and get in touch with your authentic self. This is a time to really focus on self preservation and eliminating what no longer serves you. We’ve got a lot of major energy shifts coming up this summer, and they follow us through to the fall. Hunker down, stay home as much as possible and treat this as if you were the chrysalis, marinating, learning and about to emerge as a beautiful butterfly. But how? 

Today, I have on Lisa Erickson. This gal specializes in a lot of fantastic things but she has one tool that will really help you wade through the water of cloudiness and come through with clarity on the other side.

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