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November 8, 2019 @ 3:55 am

105: You Are God In Disguise with Craig Kolavo

Today I have on author Craig Kolavo. His new book ‘I Am God In Disguise And So Are You’ is an extremely approachable book about purpose, and how to discover, surrender and inspire you and those around you into making positive changes. When we tap in, tune in and turn on the light within us we find joy, happiness, and our authentic selves. Unfortunately, many of us allow the ego, what Craig calls the bodyguard, to run the show. By allowing the ego to run the show this creates the idea that you are separate and this fills all of us full of fear! But if we realize we are a 'vehicle of expression' as he puts it, we can show up and be accountable as our divine nature, which is a piece of God.

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